Apr 28, 2011

Daily Outfit: Lets make a deal to not make a deal

My latest project was these hand dip dyed silk blouses. Some of you may remember this post where I dyed a wool skirt. The same process was used for this blouse!
A little fabric dye is my favorite way to switch up clothing.

For the one I am wearing I hemmed the sleeves due to a little dye accident.

And here is my roommate sporting one!

I've got a lot more ideas for things to dye over the summer. But I did make a batch of these blouses which will make their way to etsy! One of them is available here.


  1. Love the tops, especially the one your roommate is wearing!

  2. Holy wow! I was going to ask where you got that top and then I see it is your very own work of art. That first photo is incredible - complements your hair so well!

  3. love this look, especially the last one. its got a glamorously eerie vibe, so delicious!