May 15, 2011

A long story

Sorry I have been MIA! I moved from my apartment in college town to downtown grand rapids and there was a bit of a cat spraying incident so I spent my week off before summer classes apartment hunting like a maniac so I could get all my vintage clothing to a safe spot away from the cat! That was a whole new kind of headache that I've never experienced but it was fun looking at 5/6 places a day, and finally settling on an amazing upper level to live in for the rest of my time here. Then I started summer classes, and had my bike stolen.
But the good news is that I'll be in my new home on wednesday, and I can take my vintage out of its safely sealed up containers and get back to work. I can't wait to decorate an actual house! I imagine I'll have a few fun DIY posts, I've already got some fun ideas for home decor.
I've also been wearing the same thing for the last 3 weeks so outfit photos really weren't a possibility.

I do however love downtown and the farmers market. My friend and I are going to start up a food blog because we're always cooking and want to share photos and recipes with other budget friendly food enthusiasts.

These are old photos, I've been finding so many old photos on my computer that I never got around to posting. Better late than never! I still wear this combo too.

Shirt: homemade
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: walmart!


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  2. Those are some crazy, crazy happenings, lady! So glad you were able to settle down and settle in though. That food blog endeavor sounds so exciting! Now that I'm out of the dorms, I finally have the chance to start cooking/baking and I can't even wait!