Jun 14, 2011

Travels to Ajo, Arizona

Some people here may know that last summer I traveled to the southwest and basically made all new life decisions and changed every aspect of my future. It was a successful trip! I also picked up some vintage on the trip that I haven't had the heart to list, but I can see the southwest in the future and I know I will be back so I am ready to sell some of my finds!
All vintage is from a tiny little town in Ajo, Arizona, where we stayed at an RV park because it was too hot to function during the day and this place had an air conditioned rec room! We had one day to sort of waste some time so I got to go to all the local antique and junk shops in the area. My favorite place was an "ebay and curio" shop where I found two fun 50's/60's dresses.

This is a photoshoot I did with my good friend Abby of a few of the garments. It's over a year old and I kind of want to re-shoot it haha. C'est la vie. Some of them have made their way to the etsy shop and more will come.

And here are the garments that are for sale

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  1. Beautiful pictures. You two look like glamorous explorers :)