Aug 27, 2011

Daily Outfit: Graves

I had a garage sale over the weekend and barely sold anything. It's because today was garage sale day or whatever and there were 25 sales around. I obviously should have had my sale today but instead I shopped. I'll post the finds tomorrow, but this leads up to a dress that my friend had in her bag of clothes to sell and without asking at all I snatched it the day before the sale, chopped it up and made a super cute dress. (I knew she got it for about 25 cents and would be excited to see it turn into something wearable.)

Again, I am reminded how even 80s clothing can be super easily reconstructed for people that want a more modern silhouette. Vintage works for everything, enough said.

To be a little more specific, I cut the sleeves off at the seam and put in a tiny little rolled hem to prevent fraying. I hemmed the skirt about 4 inches, and I took in the sides of the blouse about an inch. Overall I'd say I spent an hour on this dress cutting, pinning, and sewing.

Necklace: Handmade
Shoes: (my walkin shoes!) Thrifted

Lets wrap up with a cute photo of charles.


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  2. Love the alterations on that dress! I think I have the most trouble with hemming the bottom. I have so many dresses that could use it!