Aug 28, 2011

Pink lace

I've been finding so many treasures lately. At the funky junk flea market I got a lace table cloth for 75 cents that had a bunch of rust stains. Since I do adore my Rit dye I cracked open a box of mauve and tossed it all in the machine.

Much too pink for me, I only like my colors if they are muted and subtle.

Toss it back in with a box of taupe and I have a perfect dusty antique color.

For now I stuck it up as a curtain.

So i get to wake up to gorgeous patterns on my floor every morning.

Some recent finds.

All those for a buck!

(In the shop)

Coming soon to the shop, 1950s plaid suit.


  1. That fabric makes for a gorgeous curtain.

  2. what a great idea! and some fantastic thrift finds.
    <3 mode.