Sep 25, 2011

Daily outfit: lazy sunday

I wish I could say these were outtake photos, but no, it was just a lazy, goofy day.
 Shorts: DIY
Shirt: 90s? wide and cropped, must be.
Shoes: Meijer of all places

 I cleaned all weekend.
What a glamorous, interesting life I live.

 On the bright side I found out amazon will exchange old textbooks for giftcards that the bookstore or wont buy back and in exchange I can buy shoes, other books, or just generally anything because amazon really has no limits. So that's my two cents for this week.


  1. Lily,

    there is a site called abebooks that will take your books for cash. I got back 45 and justin got 65.

    hope all is well!


  2. lovely outfit!! so sweet^^

    xoxo babe! :)

  3. Love these! There's is nothing like a lazy Sunday. And your shorts are just the perfect length. Lovely indeed.

  4. That top is pretty sweet. Like it with the jean shorts, too.

  5. i don't know if i have the guts to rock jean shorts with tights, but i love the look. these are really cute photos.