Sep 30, 2011

Daily outfit: Mom jeans

 Shirt: DIY
Jeans: For Sale on Etsy 
Shoes: I can't remember the brand but they are great little satin oxfords that are beaded.

 I have been wearing tons of old 80's jeans, both regular and cut off into shorts. But I am still always reminded of the SNL skit for mom jeans every time I have to zip up that extra long zipper.

 And for the recipe portion of this blog-
 Basil infused water is simple, and probably the most refreshing beverage I've ever had. I first had it at a little mexican restaurant in chicago and I went nuts over it for some reason.

 All I did was put basil in a tea bag and let it sit for a couple hours, I also tossed in some lemon juice to be extra refreshing.

1 comment:

  1. I definitely want to make this next summer. A local cafe in my town does a killer basil lemonade!

    Btw, I adore your blog. You have a new follower.