Nov 24, 2011

Daily outfit: Grandpa cardigan

The other item I got from the local clothing swap I hosted was this giant oversize old man cardigan. I knew i'd need some extra layers so I snatched it for staying cozy this winter.

Shoes: Steve Madden
 Jeans: Secondhand Shop
Sweater: Clothing Swap
Necklace: Handmade


  1. Wonderful outfit! Love your blog, it's so creative:)
    Hugs and kisses

  2. What about the necklace? It offsets the grandparent-ness the best.

  3. while the cardigan is actually quite cute, the necklace is what really draws me in! xxx

  4. THAT IS THE MOST FABULOUS CARDIGAN I HAVE EVER SEEEEEEN! I love it so much. This is a really lovely casual outfit. The shoes are mega cute, too.