Nov 14, 2011

Resellers on etsy. Sometimes I just want to rant.

I just reported about 10 resellers on etsy that are all selling this cicada necklace that can be purchased from wholesale suppliers, and they have all labeled it as handmade. It's a cool necklace, no doubt, but not handmade. I think I may snag one off ebay for a penny.
Of course, with the millions of sellers on etsy, a few will slip by.
But then there are sellers like toofashion2010. That have 25 pages of "handmade" jewelry that can be found on wholesale sites, and all over ebay for a quarter of the price.

 If you can get though all the awful photos regretsy posts, you will read informative articles like this one that highlights this very seller and gives multiple examples for proof.  I don't think with 7500+ sales that this seller has slipped by etsys radar. I imagine it will take awhile for etsy to maintain the integrity of the site, while the fees are being collected. However, since the report button is for just that reason, integrity, I implore you all to use it. Sell supplies, sell pendents, we all buy them from michaels and joanns anyway, but labeling them handmade is lying, and lying has got this reseller over 7k sales. That would be like me saying a target dress is "cool cheap retro 50's" and labeling it vintage. Unacceptable! I think etsy is great, I think resellers that are still in business on etsy are not great. 
That's all I've got for you today. 


  1. It makes me super ragey when people don't follow the rules, like, FOLLOW THE SOCIAL MORES OR GET OFF THE PLANET! SHHEEEESH. THanks for bringing this to my attention.

  2. I emailed a Etsy vendor over a skirt's measurement. The skirt that she is selling looks like my missing American Apparel skirt.
    I was disgusted by her convo response over my request for more pictures.

    Please read below to the convo message:
    ME: Do you have the measurements?
    Also do you have any more pictures? The posted pictures are too blurry.
    ETSY VENDOR: I think its actually an Am Ap skirt - here's a link.

    WHY are these people selling non-vintage items and never following the rules?UGH!!