Jan 31, 2012

Etsy Update: Spring vs. Winter

I am slowly listing the coat collection I have going, although it's hard to part with some of these amazing pieces.

& I am also working on building a nice stock of colored high waisted shorts to insure my customers have a good spring wardrobe lined up, haha. I am so in love with high waisted stuff lately, it's almost too comfortable and easy. 
(Click the images to see the listing.)

I'm heading to the other side of the state for some thrifting and family time so blogging will be a little sparse until next monday. Then I'll be back to normal and I've got some stuff I'm excited about coming up! 


  1. That Saks coat is absolutely breathtaking... I couldn't bear to part with it if I were you!!

  2. The coat on the left is amazing! Gorgeous! And it's awesome you're getting shorts in your shop! I love shorts! In all colors :)


  3. I agree with the other ladies -- these coats are to die for. Let scarfs, coats, and gloves stick around just a bitttt longer!