Feb 11, 2012

Daily Outfit: Lean

I'd like to message myself to stand up straight. Do you slouch when you're cold? My body is telling me to get into a ball, obviously.

Okay, do you want to know how incredibly intelligent, resourceful, and creative my dog is? He doesn't need toys to stay entertained, he uses rocks. I know what you're thinking, how did I end up with such a smart dog? Well I wish I had the answer.

  Smiling at each other because we love each other.

 Vintage dress for sale soon! | Cardigan: Vintage | Shoes: Vintage


  1. Cute outfit (and dog). - Leah


  2. Aawww the last pic, SO cute! I like the pattern on xour dress, very lovely - and of course I always like dogs in outfit posts!!! :)

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that there's a cool giveaway over at my blog at the moment, so if you're interested, this is the link:


    Happy Sunday! :)

  3. I love your dog and these photos!