Feb 22, 2012

DIY enamel jewelry and an outfit

Okay so it isn't really worthy of a tutorial but its a good way to liven up some pieces to better suit your wardrobe. I had a gift certificate and I got this bracelet but it ended up being a little too shiny to fit my aesthetic, so I opted to change the color! I'd tell you the steps but it consists of painting your piece with nailpolish and letting it dry. Makes it pretty durable and goes on smoothly. I can see a lot of old jewelry getting some pretty cool colors this way!
Sweater: H&M | Skirt: Vintage | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bracelet: inpink 

 I should also let you guys in on the fact that I am making 4 items 50% off each day until this weekend. They'll be at the top of the shop.


  1. Oh, nice! I'm not usually a fan of hugely shiny jewelry, so I'll definitely remember this tutorial. Love your pleats :)


  2. What a cool DIY
    Im definitely going to try this out..
    so easy and so much fun

    I am following you now..
    Hope you will follow back


  3. Cool! I've never even considered using nail polish to paint jewelry. That's such an awesome idea!

  4. I actually prefer the bracelet black! I've used nailpolish to paint a few things but I'm always worrying about scratching them and the colour coming off... LOVE your skirt so so much!
    x Aliya