Jun 9, 2012

New house snapshots

This isn't quite a house tour, but I thought i'd show off a couple snapshots of life in the new house because I'm going to be showing off the studio room and my latest DIY project in a post soon. Things are almost all the way put together, I just have a few more pictures to hang and a big pile of stuff to sell in a garage sale.

The living room.

Pillows that I printed and dyed.

A cute 60s dress soaking.

Vintage coat rack to hold all my necklaces. Found it for 30 cents!

The slippers are from lovesac. Seriously so comfy! They may be the best part of working at home. You can find them here. Lovesac also sells incredible furniture. One of my favorite items of theirs are the sactionals. Customizable furniture that looks super cozy, can't beat that! The robins egg blue color is perfect. This company knows how to make you feel comfortable.


  1. Aww its so cute! Hey, if there are any clothes in your garage sale, I might have to stop by!


  2. Wow, what beautiful big windows, and lovely floors. I'd love a house like that one day :)

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  3. Your living room is absolutely gorgeous... Now I'm really jealous.

    I love the print on that dress btw - is it something for the shop?


    1. Yep! I will probably get it up within a week. Its a cute little shift dress.

  4. The coat rack/necklace holder is a great idea! What a fun way to display both an interesting vintage object and your jewelry.

  5. looks beautiful! love all your decorations:) the living room has some GREAT details!

  6. i'm so jealous of those windows and the hardwood floors! looks like a beautiful home!