Jul 10, 2012

Recipe: Black Bean Burgers

I've been making so many of these this summer, they feed a bunch and are also refreshing and delicious!
  As with most of my recipes, I don't really have a recipe. But I'll tell you the general direct you should go in.

Black beans
Bread crumbs
1 Egg (or) corn starch
Veggies for toppings

 Step one - Grind up some onion, and garlic in a food processor, add a smidge of salt and some spices that you like. I used Oregano and various pepper seasonings.
 Step two - Add a can of black beans and pulse. 1lb or the smaller cans depending on how many you are feeding. The smaller can makes about 5 burgers. You can also grind in any number of veggies. I used grilled red pepper one time, and zucchini another. Anything you have laying around you can toss in there! Then put your paste in a bowl.
 Step three - Add about a half cup to one cup of bread crumbs to thicken up your mixture. You can opt to leave some of the canned beans whole and also add them at this time. Also you need something to hold all the paste together, you can add one egg to the mixture or you can add some corn starch if you want these burgers to be vegan.
 Step four - Make them into patties and cook them on the stove until the outsides are nice and crispy. I stuffed mine with cheese and jalapenos which was pretty fantastic.
 Step five - Melt some cheese on there, slice up all your veggies and rinse off some spinach and start eatin'! Also, adding a splash of balsamic vinaigrette gives these burgers a nice flavor.


  1. Yum that DOES sound fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  2. They look delicious and super easy too! I will have to try making some. :)