Sep 11, 2012

Antique Shops in Angelica, NY

Silly me, I forgot to post any photos from my road trip a month ago! I took this road trip, then my mom and aunt came to visit, then I went to visit my grandma, then I went camping up north, and THEN I went to Wisconsin. So, thats why this blog hasn't seen any action in about a month! I've been MIA for awhile so I'm excited to get into a bit of a routine for the rest of September and be able to just relax at my house. However, routines never hold my interest for too long, so I better start planning someplace to visit in October.

 While driving to NY my friend and I stopped at plenty of antique stores and garage sales along the way because we both are big suckers and every time we see a sign we pull over. Angelica was a small historic town and had nothing but a candy shop and antique stores so we browsed around for at least an hour. It was all too expensive (Retail wise, the clothing was priced well though.) but there were tons of 40s and earlier clothing so it was great just for the reference aspect even though I didn't get anything for the shop.


More locations to come!


  1. sounds like such a fun trip! I would love to just drive around all over and camp! we sold our car when we moved to new york though:(

  2. Those dresses are so beautiful...I think I would have swooned if I'd seen them in person!

  3. such cool vintage finds!

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