Sep 14, 2012

Dead Horse Bay Brooklyn, NY

One of the places I've wanted to visit for ages is Dead Horse Bay near Brooklyn. It's right before the bridge to Long Island so you can check it out on a map. From the 1850s to the 1930s this bay was a dumping ground for all the horse bones from the surrounding glue factories. However from the 20s to the 50s as the horse factories closed down and automobiles became more popular the bay was used as a junk yard. Every high tide garbage gets washed up on shore, and most of what has survived are glass bottles. Although I saw many soles to shoes, some purses, silverware, and did see a few leg bones. You take a path through trees and grasses to get there, and then the bay opens up to a carpet of glass. It is very desolate for New York, which just adds to the strange experience.

I collected a few small bottles while I was there, and lined them up on the windowsill after giving them a good scrub.


  1. Wow! How did I live in Brooklyn for so long and not know this place existed?

  2. What a strange and surreal place, I had no idea it existed! Those bottles you collected are super cute!