Sep 28, 2012

Final road trip photos. Lucifer Falls, Ithaca, NY

I am really a slow blogger, but I finally have an outfit post for tomorrow and I just wanted to finish up these road trip photos.
Went to Ithaca which was absolutely gorgeous and even though it was raining a bit my friend and I took a 5 mile hike to Lucifer Falls. There were little orange newts everywhere.  From an inch to about 3 inches big, we had to be careful not to step on them. The falls were awesome and there were stone steps and paths that made it seem like you were in Indiana Jones.

I ruined about half my photos because I had the ISO too high on my camera and I'm real angry about it so I'll just stop talking about it.

Real goofy.

Also just for fun look at this cute little meathead I got to stay with one night.

I went to the most amazing estate sale today and got loads of vintage. I am going back tomorrow and I'll post photos of the finds along with an outfit post tomorrow!