Sep 30, 2012

In the graveyard

I figured out the one and only place you can get a little alone time in a city outside of your house, a graveyard. Plus the scenery is lovely, especially with fall colors changing all around me.

Wearing 1950s dress, 1970s shoes.


  1. Love Love LOVE your blog! Your hair is super cute too!!! So glad I stumbled upon! :)

  2. Cute outfit! I love the print and button back of the dress and your shoes are fabulous.

  3. I agree, graveyards are a splendid place- the peace and quiet are amazing. such pretty sunshine in these! I LOVE the button up back. I just wore a dress in almost the exact same cut and I really love the buttons except ryan has to wrangle me into it- I can. not. get them done up myself:/

  4. That last shot is just breathtaking. I love the use of natural sunlight. Just perfect!
    xo TJ