May 21, 2013

A slew of pastels and an Adore Me review

I am slowly but surely building a collection of lacy things and nightgowns so that my shop will have the appropriate vintage undergarments to go along with the clothing for sale. When I get a big pile of pastels I can't help but want to take some photos of it.

I also had a review to post for Adore Me and thought that would tie in well with these photos. Adore Me sells a large variety of undergarments and I can very comfortably speak of their quality. You can search by size, and it's all very clearly presented to you which makes shopping a breeze. I'm always excited when they contact me! They currently have a bunch of new swimsuits and since it's beach season I am obsessed with this one in particular! has a bit of a vintage flare, I think. Well worth checking out.


  1. These colors are fabulous, and the details on these undergarments are so intricate :-). I love pastels to. They are so versatile.

  2. I love collecting vintage undergarments too. The details and colours are so pretty! The trouble is though… I have trouble letting them go and the ones I have are yet to make it to the store. ;)

    1. haha I imagine the same fate for my collection..