May 27, 2013

Cat Eye Glasses

These vintage inspired cat eye glasses are from Glasses Direct. I'm a glasses junkie and I've tried a few different sites to get free glasses or heavily discounted glasses, but I was real excited Glasses Direct offered a cat eye option since I didn't have a pair yet. I went ahead and just ordered a pair of prescription glasses from the brand Scout. But they have a free home trial where you can order 4 pairs and try them on and I really wish I'd tried that out! Its so hard to know how glasses will look on you until you try them on so having that feature is helpful. Ordering glasses online I've found is so much more affordable than from your eye doctor... so trying them on first before ordering really takes away any of the downfalls of online shopping. Check out the home trial if you're in the market, and you can also see where I've talked about some other glasses brands here.

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