May 31, 2010

Daily outfit: Home is wherever I'm with you

I made this top ages ago from a scrap of fabric. I loved the stripes but there wasn't much to do without besides a simple smock top. It's super comfy though and I adore the colors.
The skirt was only 5 bucks at my local h&m.

On june 9th I've had the opportunity to take a 3 week road trip from chicago to mexico and I couldn't be more excited! I'll be visiting death valley and the grand canyon, all while camping and playing photo journalist for the entire trip.
It'd going to be an amazing experience, but unfortunately due to camping for the whole trip, I won't have any internet access and have to put my etsy shop on vacation, and I also won't be blogging.
However this will benefit all my shoppers because from today until June 8th my entire etsy store is 15% off or more!


  1. Gorgeous, I love your top!

    Little Rachael

  2. you made that top?? its amazing! great job!

  3. Oh you look amazing! And that's so awesome about your upcoming trip! Really excited for you! xo